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Osgoode Hall, Toronto.

Below, reverse of card postally used December 12, 1902 from Toronto to County Cork, Ireland

The imprint on a standard card with the text “WISHING YOU A Merry Christmas AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR” is something generally quite scarce, but is found across the full line of the Toronto Litho Co.’s postcards from this era.

Below, a card without the overprint.

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Above and below, Upper Canada College, Toronto.

Below, reverse of card postally used October 13, 1901 from Toronto to England

This card was mailed with insufficient postage, with what may have been a 1¢ QV Numeral stamp that was subsequently removed. That stamp was cancelled with a Toronto Flag A cancellation, but the insufficient postage was noted and the card was sent to the Toronto Dead Letter Office on October 14. It then appears to have been stamped “Returned for Postage”, and sent back to the sender at 151 St. George Street in Toronto, where a 2¢ QV Numeral stamp was affixed, and the card was again postmarked, this time with a Toronto Flag E cancellation.

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Trinity University, Toronto

Postally used, 1902, to St. John NB

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Toronto University

Postally used to the USA in 1906

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Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.

Postally used 1905