Toronto Lithographing Co. Series 10A

Michael J. Smith’s upcoming The Canadian Patriotic, Heraldic & Royalty Postcard Handbook 1898–1938 lists this series of Toronto Lithographic Co. Ltd. patriotic cards as Series 10A. This Boer War era patriotic postcard series by The Toronto Lithographing Co. Limited shows a series of warships including the Benbow, a 1st Class Battleship, the Calliope, a 3rd Class Cruiser, as well as the Nymphe & the Terrible.

Each card features one of the four ships at sea, with, in the foreground, the text “What We Have We’ll Hold” superimposed over a Union Jack Flag upon which stands a British Bulldog. The Union Jack and Bulldog was a frequent symbol used to demonstrate the strength and ferocity of the British Empire. It was used as part of a J.C. Wilson Boer War-era series, and was resurrected for use during both WWI and WWII.