Toronto Lithographing Co. Limited

Shadow River, South Falls, House Boat

Early card with blank back and stamp box on front.

This very unusual use of a Toronto Litho Co. Canadian Cities Series postcard with vignettes of Muskoka has been mailed from Natal to Liverpool, England shortly after the end of the Boer War. Bearing a Durban cancellation dated July 5, 1902 on a pair of ½ penny Natal stamps, the card was mailed to Miss Thomson, Westfield House, Stonecroft, Liverpool, England.

The Boer War had ended on May 31st, and the return of foreign troops to their homelands was underway at this time. The card may have been sent from a Canadian soldier waiting to embark on his homeward journey. Durban was the busiest port in South Africa, and Port Natal was the jumping off point for many of the returning troops.

Below, a later printing of the card with space for correspondence on the front

and the stamp and address on the back.

Below, the reverse of the card

postally unused