Above, an early printing of this design with the text “Private Post Card” on the front of the card.

Below, a later printing has this text omitted.


Toronto Lithographing Co. Limited

(card has had imprint trimmed)

showing 1¢ QV Numeral stamp and a Royal Muskoka split ring cancellation

dated August 19, 1902

Below, the reverse of the card

postally used, with a Brooklyn NY cancel August 22 1902

showing a printed image of

“Royal Muskoka” Hotel, Muskoka Nav. Co., Proprietors

Below, a later printing of the card with the address and stamp on the reverse

mailed to Vienna, Austria, with a receiver dated March 21, 1901

Below, reverse, with small remnant of QV 2¢ stamp

Below, a later example to Scotland


Toronto Lithographing Co. Limited

Camp Life, A Summer Home

Below, the reverse of the card, (which can be found printed in blue or black ink).

The card is postally used, with a 2¢ QV Numeral postmarked with a Toronto duplex cancel dated

December 12, 1902, sent via New York to Miss Nellie Mortan, Cathcart House, Cathcart, Scotland.

Cathcart House was built in 1740 on lands belonging to the Cathcart family since the 12th century. In the 1400s Lord Cathcart was raised to the peerage, and built Cathcart Castle around that time. In 1546 the castle passed to the Semple family who moved out of the castle and built Cathcart House, which was finally demolished in 1927. Below is an engraving of the remnants of the castle and Cathcart House.