Above, an early use of a Toronto Litho pioneer postcard showing vignettes of Toronto.

The card bears an October 31, 1898 Bleecker Street Toronto cancellation to Waterford, Vermont USA.

Above, a similar card used from 11 Alpha Avenue, Toronto to Strassburg, Germany

with a two ring Toronto cancellation dated January 24, 1899 on a 2¢ Map stamp

with a February 5, 1899 Strassburg receiver.

Below, a similar card used to Wien, Austria from Toronto, with a Toronto Flag D cancel dated July 5, 1900,

with a Wien receiver dated July 17, 1900 on the reverse.

Above, the card front from a later printing, with the address and stamp on the card back, shown below.

Below, the reverse of the card

postally used, postmarked Spadina Avenue Toronto April 13 1900

sent to Rome, Italy, with Rome receiving stamp

Above, a second card from the series bearing the “Wishing You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”

printing that was used on a number of Toronto Litho cards from this era.

The card was sent December 22, 1903 to Glasgow, Scotland using a 1¢ QV Numeral stamp

which was insufficient postage, and thus the card attracted short paid markings of 1d and T5.

Below, the reverse of the card

Above, a second copy of the same Christmas/New Year’s card, this time with the correct postage (shown below).

Above & below, an example mailed to Courtrai, Belgium bearing a

Type 12-1 Toronto ExhibitionFlag “D” cancellation

Above and below, an example of the same card used from Toronto to Hotel Bel Alp, Brique, Valais, Switzerland

on July 14, 1902, with a Naters, Switzerland backstamp dated July 25th.