Series 10B—Boer War Patriotics

Canadian Infantry with Oliver Equipment

This card is designated as TLG10B-003 by Michael J. Smith in his upcoming

The Canadian Patriotic, Heraldic & Royalty Postcard Handbook 1898–1938

From Collections Canada “In the late 19th century, the Canadian Militia was making the transition from being an offshoot of the British Army to becoming the core of Canada's own national forces. The Militia's uniform and accoutrements (the belts, packs and pouches intended to make the infantry as mobile, self-sufficient and weapon-ready as possible) became the most visible symbol of its transformation. The pattern designed by William Silver Oliver, a surgeon with the Canadian military, became the first truly Canadian system of accoutrements put to use, and was employed from the Boer War to the beginning of the First World War. Oliver equipment was issued as of 1899, just in time for the Royal Canadian Regiment's participation in Britain's South African campaign, commonly known as the Boer War.

Below, a detail of the publisher’s inscription on the front of the card:

Entered According to Act of Parliament of Canada in the Year 1899 by the Toronto Lithographing Co.

Below, the reverse of the card

postally used, postmarked Toronto with a flag cancel on a 2¢ QV Numeral stamp

to Austria, with a receiver dated September 17, 1899